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Villa Sol living room

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Elegant living room to relax

Villa Sol swimmingpool by night

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Charming terrace with swimming pool in Villa Sol

Large terrace for meeting

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Table of the terrace - villasol

Villa Sol terrace

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Lounge terrace of Villa Sol in Barcelona


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Villasol terrace by day

Villasol barcelona Bedroom

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Suite bedroom

Living room

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The villa real living room - to have a rest

Terrace lunch area

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To prepare your event close to the swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool

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Indoor swimming pool plus lounge in Villa Real

Villa Real terrace

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The terrace of our villa to enjoy a cocktail

Villa Real swimming pool

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Our villa swimming pool by night

Luxurious bedroom

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Villa Real bedroom in Barcelona

Villa Esmeralda patio

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The patio of our villa in day time

Living room

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Comfortable living room of Villa Esmeralda

Spanish patio

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Typical spanish patio in the villa

Barcelona romantic lounge

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Exotic and exclusive lounge in your villa

Barcelona Villa Esmeralda fire place

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Charming Barcelona villa fireplace

Unique places
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Barcelona Event Villas

Private & Corporate

Because your family is everything
Because your team is your best asset
Because you celebrate your anniversary, once a year
Because this event will mark your company's brand
...Your weddings are the most beautiful day of your life
You deserve one of our villas in Barcelona

Private Events

Barcelona Event Villas specializes in a variety of private events in Barcelona that are a perfect match to our premiere properties.

On top of having access to the most unique and inspiring locations, our experience and professionalism is what separates us from other private event planning agencies in Barcelona.

When you outsource your private event planning to Barcelona Event Villas, we won’t just match you with the ideal location, but we’ll organize the best fit event vendors as well.

We only work with the absolute best suppliers who provide the highest-quality equipment and services at pricing that is both competitive, and covers our fees. This saves you both money and time!


Our villas are absolutely ideal for weddings and we celebrate many each year.

We work with experienced and reliable local wedding planners who will provide a hands-on approach and providing the perfect mix of both creativity and necessity to ensure your special day is picture perfect from start to finish.
Feel free to contact our recommended planner directly, at

Birthday Parties

Whether you’re celebrating a 20 th birthday or an 80 th birthday, our villas and event planning services will ensure you can focus on enjoying your special day and not worry about the planning.

The villas provide the perfect atmosphere for birthday parties, many include playgrounds and kids toys for children, as well as swimming pools, ping pong and other activities for adults.

There is ample space for large or small gatherings, we’ve arranged parties for 30 to 250 and everywhere in-between.

What could be better than enjoying your special birthday party at an incredibly private estate with your closest family and friends?

Anniversaries, Reunions and More

Every year we host a variety of other events such as silver and gold wedding anniversaries to family and class reunions.

Once again, the villas provide a beautiful, private setting, and the services surrounding them make it easy to have everything you need during your stay at your fingertips.

Similar to our birthday parties, the villas provide a little something for everyone and all age groups.

Whether you want to relax by the pool or take a long hike in the surrounding wilderness, the villas provide an oasis for guests to come home to, their own private “hotel”, away from it all.

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Barcelona Event Villas

Services we offer

We have a unique
blend of talent that allows
us to offer such a diverse
range of services.

Because client is the king, because your needs are our priorities, our job is to make your stay unique and, that is why, we offer you you a wide range of services to customize your travel....

From managing all the logistic of your event, prepare a special menu for your guests, transport all your family from the airport to our villas, take care of all the medical aspects to let you relax without any worries, photoshooting of your weddings, to make you discover the cultural heritage of Catalunya to book for your private event, the best flamenco band of Barcelona, we can do all of that.... just trust us

A place to dream with
all the services required... to let you dream
Barcelona Event Villas

Barcelona Events

If you have in mind to enjoy a very, very special
event in Barcelona share your thoughts with us
we have the same goal: to make you happy

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Barcelona Event Villas


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